Sophia Botha @sophiabotha74 and Argos @Argos_Online (UK)

Sophia C Botha

UK catelogue retailer Argos is being accused of calling its trans customers ‘frauds’. Staff have challenged people on the basis of whether individuals sound right, it is alleged, with the fraud department creating a list of trans people.

Sophia Botha, a vocal anti-feminist Man who identifies as a Woman, phoned their Card Services department to make his monthly minimum payment in January of this year. When he queried a transaction on his account, he was put through to another department, which he later learnt was the security/fraud department. This occurred despite Botha answering all security questions asked correctly. He subsequently “learned” that a block was put on his account because staff did not believe he was who he said he was.

Fraud detection is a significant issue for retailers and financial institutions. Such fraud protection exists to protect consumers. It does not seem unreasonable that a person with a “woman’s name” who says he’s a woman would be queried when he clearly sounds like a man.

Argos accused of calling trans customers ‘frauds’ _ Gay Star News

2 thoughts on “Sophia Botha @sophiabotha74 and Argos @Argos_Online (UK)

    • I only just noticed this post, whoops. I posted on the later one dated 24/2, I can see the sense in companies being extra careful not to discuss really important information with people who may not be the actual account holders, but having said this @roslynholcomb makes a very good point that there are guys out there with feminine names and women with masculine names who may be inconvenienced by this kind of thing. The other thing is that I do feel a little irked when you misgender Sophia, just because it’s unpleasant. Transgender men and women do have a very difficult challenge being accepted and getting on in this society, but things are slowly changing. I’ve noticed that there are more sites like this one, and groups which are quick to poke fun and interrogate trans women’s identities yet trans men don’t get the same treatment. A lot of people find the issue of transgender people weird, but they are more likely to target the trans females, than the trans males for ridicule. What is this saying about female identities? I would suggest that whether we like it or not, continuing this attack on trans females, is just going to continue to diminish the role of women in society. I always used to think that men were the divisive ones and women the cohesive force making connections and maintaining them, but sometimes when I read articles like this one, I find myself thinking that men and women are just as bad and as flawed as each other.

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