RH Reality Check @rhrealitycheck & Matthew Caterine @emmacaterine (USA)


RH Reality Check is a “daily publication providing news, commentary and analysis on sexual and reproductive health and justice issues.” For some reason, it decided to publish a hit piece about lesbians and feminists written by Matthew “Emma” Caterine, a Man who identifies as a Woman who is pro-sexual exploitation of Women. In the piece, he accuses Lesbians and feminists of “absurdist shallow hate” for having a political analysis with which he disagrees. Neither Caterine nor RH Reality Check made any effort to contact Cathy Brennan, who is cited in the piece, for comment.

In 2015, hit pieces on feminists who object to both the exploitation of Women and to gender regularly appear from so-called progressive groups like RH Reality Check. In 2015, according to these fauxgressives, it is hateful to know biological sex exists. This “fact” is particularly ironic coming from an organization concerned with reproductive health. However, RH Reality Check learned a while ago what happens when you cross Men like Caterine.