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Sara ColeSara Ashlee Cole is a Man who identifies as a Woman. He filed a Human Rights Commission complaint in Indiana against Martha’s House for segregating people at the shelter according to biological sex. The commission sided with Martha’s House, saying that it was within its legal rights to house Cole on the men’s side since the shelter said it attempts to create a safe environment for all residents.

Sarah Cole is a Man. He should not be housed with homeless Women. Homeless Women have been sexually assaulted when forced to share housing with Men.

Indiana Daily Student_ __ Policies at local shelter raise questions about transgender issues in Indiana598856_116635195194443_1516775851_n

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  1. H GID. Off topic, but would you feature Paul Denyer. Australian serial killer who openly claimed he killed because he hated women, and now claims he is one.

  2. As it stands now, there is a minority within the minority. That is to say that the transgender umbrella is SO huge that transsexuals are being squelched. There is no middle ground between what is right in protecting women’s spaces and what the transgender umbrella wants to push. Transsexuals are being told that we are selfish and elitist and often times being compared to to black people who sympathized with white en-slavers. I wish that both sides could meet in the middle and recognize that this is not a black and white issue but there are nuances to the matter at hand. From what I gather from what you have written, you do not seem to be against all transsexuals but rather against a broad definition that would allow any man who claims to be trans to waltz right into a womens area and claim a legal right to be there. That is a reasonable concern. In the mean time, transadvocates are pushing for the complete opposite. You are 100 percent right when you say that laws like we are seeing proposed in Florida is a direct result of the over reach of the trans umbrella. I think the mud slinging on both sides has obscured the real problem at hand. I will tell you from first hand observation, many cross dressers get off on the invasion into women’s spaces because it is a turn on and part of their hobby. They do not serve protection under any law.


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