Superior Court Judge Daryl F. Todd, Sr. & Dennis “Allison” Woolbert (USA)

Superior Court Judge Daryl F. Todd, Sr.

Superior Court Judge Daryl F. Todd, Sr.

New Jersey Superior Court Judge Daryl F. Todd, Sr., now retired, granted Dennis Woolbert‘s Name Change Petition even though Woolbert disclosed his conviction for aggravated sexual assault of a minor.

States should prohibit sex offenders from accessing the legal system to change their names or their legal sex marker. It is appalling that Judge Todd granted this name change without any comment.

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  1. Let me start by saying it is sad that I feel that I need to hide my identity because what I’m about to say will piss off a lot of people. I’m a transwoman who at times has disagreed with Cathy Brennan. It is not her I’m worried about or scared of. It is my own community that I fear. Not all in my community stand behind Allison Woolbert. I’m one of those few in that camp.

    Far too many in my community are standing behind the most vile of human beings, a VIOLENT RAPIST. How can we as a community do that? Because the ends justify a means? There is a better way to deal with equality and fight violence against trans people and that is not to put the fox in charge of the hen house. Another excuse I often hear is that it happened a long time ago. Forgive, forget, move forward. How can you say that when the victim has been given a life sentence? Do you realize how misogynistic and unfeeling that is? Do any of you realize how your male privilege is coloring this attitude? How many of you spouting this crap have faced rape? Virtually none of you. Many of you have had the cover of male privilege as a shield from such violence. Your dismissal of this crime against another woman is convenient.

    The trans community needs to stop looking at this selfishly and take a moral stand. Stop attacking those like myself. Set aside your anger with Brennan and do the right thing.

    ^Demand and support laws that prohibit a name change and sex marker for violent felon and convicted rapists.

    ^Write to the Superior Court of New Jersey and question them about the name change for a known sex offender.

    ^It is my strong belief that Allison Woolbert’s name should be legally annulled and given the name of Dennis. Demand her name change be rescinded. To those trans bloggers writing about this, stop describing the crime as if it were a soft. It was rape involving violence.

    Allison Woolbert betrayed the trans community and it is UNFORGIVABLE. Woolbert used our community to hide a criminal past against a child. Those on the TVTP board who turned a blind eye to this and voted to keep her on as an executive knowing she was a convicted rapist? YOU SHOULD BE ASHAMED! All of you have shown a lack of moral character. This includes you, Kristin Beck as the Spokeswoman for the Transgender Violence Tracking Portal you are especially at fault here when you failed to vote for Woolberts removal. You are unfit for public office.

  2. I’m sitting on an email where Kristin was identified as a board member and not refuted as such. If I release that email then it will compromise my identity. If I can find other confirming information for you, I will send it your way. It was common knowledge she was on the boards at least in my circle. So when it says the board voted unanimously, that includes Beck. I will bet top dollar that Beck is trying to distance herself from this matter because of political gains. This link speaks of Becks recruitment:

  3. The point is, that Kristin only resigned from the board after others started severing ties to the TVTP and the THRI and that was on the second attempt of resignation from Allison Woobert.

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