#AllisonsLaw & @FallonFox (USA)

CaptureFallon Fox is a Man who identifies as a Woman who is paid to beat up Women. Inexplicably, he decided to troll our Facebook page on a post exploring the issue of child rapists who transition. This kind of insensitivity to a significant public safety issue seems unimaginable coming from someone who views themselves as a role model. However, transwomen “leaders” routinely exhibit such disdain towards Women who express concern for Women and Girls.

We encourage transwomen to stand in support of Women and Girls. We urge transwomen to support laws that will bar convicted violent felons and sex offenders from accessing the legal system to legally transition.  Men like Allison “Dennis” Woolbert should never be allowed access to the legal system to legally transition.


2 thoughts on “#AllisonsLaw & @FallonFox (USA)

  1. So Fallon Fox inserts himself into Facebook discussion, amongst women, about men who rape children and then want to transition. He inserts himself into this discussion to spread the propaganda that he IS a woman, both physically and “mentally.” He’s very forceful about this.

    And, then, just as he beats up women physically, he proceeds to beat-up on women verbally by telling them — graphically — to eat shit by the spoonful (“while it’s still warm,” says he), by gloating that he will “defeat” women again and again, and by boasting that he is the “winner” and that women are the “losers.”

    Gee, I dunno, that sounds quite like the violent ramblings of a violent man.

    Let him talk some more about how womanly he is, in both body and mind, until he finally bashes that idea through our thick, female skulls. Right, Fallon? Just keep at ‘er.

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