Fallon Fox @FallonFox (USA)

Fallon Fox is a Man who identifies as a Woman who is hailed as a hero by GLBT Communities because he beats up women. He is featured in a documentary called “Game Face.” Men’s participation in Women’s sports denies opportunities to Women and Girls.

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  1. He is lying when the talks about the “science” because there is no scientific consensus as to whether or not he still has an athletic advantage. His bone structure (narrower hips, bigger hands, stronger tendons, etc.) isn’t going to change. Read the article from Dr. Benjamin:

    “One of the things that’s very interesting, is everyone says, ‘Well there’s been a few studies that say after two years this, that and the other…’ That’s not true. There’s no studies for this. I’ve done the literature search. Then they come back with, ‘The IOC knows.’ The IOC knows what? The IOC caved to political and social pressure. The IOC didn’t say, ‘Because of firm scientific and medical evidence, that if you’ve had this SRS and you’ve taken hormones for two years, that’s the magic number that all this is going to become safe.’ That’s not true at all.

    There is no firm scientific basis to support that conclusion. They made an arbitrary determination in the face of social pressure. OK, I understand that, too. Who wanted to fight the fight? The IOC didn’t want to, so they said. ‘If you get the surgery and take the hormones for two years, that’s good enough for us.’ That doesn’t mean it was made on a sound medical basis, because the sound medical basis doesn’t exist. Those studies have not been done.”


    Click on the link, and scroll down to look at the photo of Tammika Brents. Boyd Burton inflicted an orbital bone fracture and 7 staples to her scalp all within the first 3 minutes of the fight.

    Look at Tammika Brent’s photo and ALWAYS remember that a man did this to a woman. We know it even if they will never admit it. He should never be allowed to fight women.


    I guess this video is supposed to make us feel sorry for him. We know the truth.

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