Harold Seymore, Convicted Rapist @DavidOvalle305 @MiamiHerald (USA)


Harold Seymore is a Man convicted of rape. He is transitioning to “be a Woman.” David Ovalle, a reporter for the Miami Herald, printed the following lie about Seymore:

“Born intersex, with functioning male and female reproductive organs, she has slowly transitioned to a woman.”

Seymore is not “intersex.” We are not aware of an intersex condition that leaves a person with “functioning male and female reproductive organs.”

Seymore should be housed in a Men’s prison, and David Ovalle should fact-check ridiculous claims asserted by Men convicted of raping a Woman.

Charged as a man, convicted as a woman_ a curious criminal case in Miami _ The Miami Herald The Miami Herald

One thought on “Harold Seymore, Convicted Rapist @DavidOvalle305 @MiamiHerald (USA)

  1. This article is highly suspicious. They don’t say exactly what disorder of sexual development (intersex) medical condition this person has. These are actual genetic and medical conditions, and every major intersex organization makes a distinction between intersex and transgender.

    Transgender activists have so shamelessly co-opted intersex persons that it’s not uncommon for people to confuse the two. They intentionally do this.

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