#AllisonsLaw, Lisa Summers and Oregon (USA)


Oregon law provides that the “change of name shall be granted by the court unless the court finds that the change is not consistent with the public interest.” Lisa Summers was born a Man named Sydney Sezer, convicted in 1996 of repeatedly molesting a 13-year-old girl for almost a year. He served more than eight years in prison, and after he got out, he legally changed his name to Lisa Summers. Oregon’s Pro Se Name Change Packet asks about a criminal record, which apparently did not deter him or the court from letting him change his name.

Query what court thought it was a good idea to grant the name change application of a child sex offender.

Neither Summers nor Sezer appear in the Oregon Sex Offender Registry.

All states should require applicants to disclose whether they have a criminal record. Courts should be required, as part of their evaluation of the application, to review criminal records to determine the accuracy of the applicant’s statements. In the event the applicant has been convicted of a felony crime of violence or any crime of sexual violence, the application for a legal name change should be denied. The legal system should not be used by convicted violent felons and convicted sex offenders to hide their criminal pasts.

2 thoughts on “#AllisonsLaw, Lisa Summers and Oregon (USA)

  1. I agree. All states and local courts should required disclosure of criminal records from the petitioner, and court personnel should also query databases for undisclosed criminal records. If someone has a criminal record, they should not be allowed to change their name or sex designation on any legal documents.

  2. This is terrifying! So, he molests a girl and then claims he is a “woman” and changes his name. He shouldn’t be able to legally change his name or his sex.

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