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Rebecca Vipond Brink is a homophobic liberal feminist who actually wrote that Lesbians are the “real misandrists” in this “article” about Paul Elam.

Rebecca Vipond Brink and Paul Elam share this view of Women in common. TERF/SWERF/Feminazi – Rebecca and Paul are the same, woman-hating people.


3 thoughts on “Rebecca Vipond Brink @RebeccaVBrink @TheFrisky (USA)

  1. Women who use the TERFs and SWERFs slurs are not feminist. She says that “radical” means the same thing than “extreme”, proof that she doesn’t know much about radical feminism (or simply is lying in an attempt to look better than “the bad ones”). I feel sorry that this straight woman feels the need to put someone like Paul Enam, who obviously is a hypocritical asshole and a women hater, at the same level than radical feminists, who are fighting for women’s rights and are not afraid to “name the problem”. There IS a problem in the attitude of many men towards women (“problems”, and mostly crimes, as documented on this site).
    Rebecca also doesn’t seem to care for her sisters that are lesbians, who are the ones who face the direct consequences of the trans-women nonsenses. Men “identifying” as women just because they say so? sure, why not ? Love and peace, individual freedom, and let’s talk about our feelings… Where’s the problem, until you have one of these “women” trying to have sex with you, or cracking your skull in a combat-sport, in a so-called “equal” competition.
    And Rebecca is wrong, it’s not easy for women to finally admit that men have a lot of responsabilities in the wrongs happening to them, because women are groomed to avoid hurting men’s feelings, and usually will do everything in order to “understand” them first. Rares are the ones who choose the red pill. Naming the problem may just wound up making the problem worse, because people who are used to act in a certain way for their own benefits will not change like that, but I don’t see how avoiding the problem will help solving it neither.
    Women definitely are not on the same boat than men, there is no “systemic bias” that “says that men are by and large the beneficiaries of the economic and political system”, because even a brain-washed liberal feminist like her reckon that facts are saying that men INDEED are the main beneficiaries of the system. It’s not a “systemic bias”, if it’s true.
    She should care more about Paul Elams hypocrisies and hurtful attacks towards women, than she does about the fact that he must be a “complicated human being who obviously want his feelings to be heard”. No shit. Sorry to break it to her, but we all are “complicated human being”, and generally, we do prefer to be heard. I could answer that he also may be a very simple human being who obviously don’t want his feelings to be heard but simply love bashing women for the fun of it.

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