Oklahoma House Bill 1598 & Sally Kern @SallyKern (USA)

Kern-Sallyx175Republican Representative Sally Kern introduced House Bill 1598, the “Freedom to Obtain Conversion Therapy Act.” The bill would provide that Oklahomans “have the right to seek and obtain counseling or conversion therapy from a mental health provider in order to control or end any unwanted sexual attraction, and no state agency shall infringe upon that right. Parents may obtain such counseling or therapy for their children under eighteen (18) years of age without interference by the state.” The bill is to counter bills in other states to ban “sexual orientation change efforts,” generally defined as therapy to help a minor “change” their sexual orientation from gay to straight. Such efforts do not work, of course, and anti-gay people have pushed these therapies at great harm to gay people. We hope Kern’s bill fails.

State moves to protect kids from LGBTQ agenda