Goldsmiths Feminists @FemSocGold Kate Smurthwaite @Cruella1 (UK)

wutFeminist comic Kate Smurthwaite has had a show cancelled at Goldsmith’s, University of London due to safety concerns. Smurthwaite, a feminist and atheist activist, was due to perform at the South London campus but the show has been pulled after threats of a picket of the venue by some feminist students. The group disagrees with Smurthwaites views on prostitution: Smurthwaite believes buying sex should be criminalized for men buying sex, while Goldsmith’s Feminist Society wants to legalize the paid rape of women.

The so-called Feminist Society denies they had anything to do with the cancellation.

No-platforming of women who deviate from third wave feminist values occurs regularly in the UK and elsewhere.

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