Kennedy v. Rockingham County et al (USA)

The Plaintiff in 2011
The Plaintiff in 2011

A Man from Portsmouth filed a three-count federal lawsuit against Rockingham County, New Hampshire claiming that despite his protests, he was housed in a male unit at the county jail where he was harassed and sexually assaulted. The lawsuit filed by Aja Kennedy, formerly known as Edward “Toni” Brunetta, alleges that conditions in the jail were so “unbearable,” he intentionally overdosed on medication. Kennedy’s suit alleges that on May 2, 2012, he entered the jail as an inmate when he was “feminine appearing, held herself out as female and lived her life as a female.” About 20 years earlier, according to the suit, he changed his “gender” to female on his New Hampshire driver’s license.

This seems inconsistent with news reports of his arrests from 2011 that identify him as a Man, and feature the above photo. You can read those accounts herehere and here. In the lawsuit, Kennedy claims the prison “wrongfully classified Ms. Kennedy as male” at the Brentwood jail. There, Kennedy alleges, he was assigned to a male housing unit for five days when he was “subjected to verbal abuse and harassment by male inmates.” Twice during that same time period he was sexually assaulted, the suit alleges.

No one should be sexually assaulted in any circumstance. However, Men should not be housed in Women’s prisons.

Transgender woman sues county, claims jailhouse sex assault – News – seacoastonline

Kennedy v. Rockingham County et al Complaint

Kennedy v. Rockingham County et al