Allison Woolbert/Dennis Woolbert (USA)

Dennis speaking about his "prison ministry."

Dennis speaking about his “prison ministry.”

We have obtained the court documents used in the prosecution of Allison Woolbert, who was formerly known as Dennis Woolbert, a transwoman activist who created an online project to track Women concerned about male violence. In the documents, he is described as a “repetitive sex offender” for raping a child over a two-month period in 1991. We have redacted some information to protect the identity of the victim. The court documents appear “below the fold.”









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  1. Excellent work on digging up the court records on Woolbert.

    This man has the audacity to compare Alcorn’s grieving parents and their entire religion to the Taliban.

    This is a quote from Woolbert on his petition:

    “Then there is another group that is going into a different set of buildings. They are the ones that believe their children are owned by the parents as if they are property and must conform to a rigid extremist belief system. Just like the Taliban, they will enforce the iron handed ‘law’ and force their children to sit in the pews and become the child that they have tried to force into their ideological mold through coercion, abuse and force.”

    “Sadly tomorrow, children and youth will be forced by parents with extremist religious views that they have the right to beat, confine, isolate and punish their ‘property’ into conforming to their demands against the very genetics they were born with.”

    I’m not aware of anything that says that Josh/Leelah was ever physically abused or neglected. His parents might have been conservative, but this doesn’t mean they are like the Taliban, and are abusing their children. By the way, what is with the reference to genetics?

    As I understand it, Alcorn was never officially diagnosed with “gender dysphoria”, and wasn’t in treatment. How do we know he was really transgender? He could have been an emotionally unstable, confused young gay male.

    No one knows exactly what went on between Alcorn and his parents, and what this troubled boy was thinking. From what I’ve read, Josh’s mother sent him to some kind of Christian counselor. Didn’t he talk to this person just once? The details are murky as to what exactly was said. There is no indication that “transgender conversion therapy” was going on. The fact that the parents were conservative Christians doesn’t mean abuse happened, much less “transgender conversion therapy”.

    It could be that the numerous transgender blogs, websites, etc. that Josh spent most of his life on are partly or wholly to blame for his deteriorating mental state. What was he learning on these websites and blogs? By his own admission, Josh isolated himself and spent too much time online. In many of his online posts, he repeatedly talks about suicide. Where were all his so-called online transgender friends when this was happening? They ignored his cries for help. This disturbed boy was spending most of his time online, and no one noticed that he was deteriorating emotionally before their very own eyes.

    From information that I’ve been able to glean on this blog and other websites, 17 year old Josh Alcorn, unbeknownst to his mother, went by the online name “Satan’s Wife”, “transgender queen from hell”. Does this sound like an emotionally stable 17 year old boy? Below is a screen cap of one of his posts. He says that he “completely isolates himself from the rest of the world”. So, we have an emotionally disturbed teenage boy, known online as “Satan’s Wifey”, who spends way too much time on the computer. His mother decides to cut off his internet privileges, and he gets upset.

  2. He used a gun in the commission of the sexual assault. I’m with you, Mary Smith, no legal change of sex demarcation and name for rapists and violent offenders.

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  4. He calls worried parents of a troubled child “extremists” – that tells you what you need to know about his mindset. And I’m using “his” intentionally, a change of outward appearance doesn’t change the xy chromosomes. It beggars belief that a convicted rapist – of a member of his own family – is sitting in judgement of people he knows nothing of. Neither do I for that matter, what was said or done in the family home isn’t public knowledge but I don’t think Josh’s parents raped him, as Woolbert is guilty of. I’m not convinced Woolbert should have a position of trust or authority when it comes to sexually confused children either. A terrible tragedy for the family isn’t the occasion to be making capital from their grief.

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