Kyle Kirkup @kylekirkup @F_Trudeau_F @UTLaw (Canada)


Kyle Kirkup is a Gay Man who expresses concern about incarcerated Transgender inmates, but not about Women. You can read his applause for a policy that allows people to decide what prison they should be incarcerated in here.

Policies that allow Men to “self-identify” as Women in order to access controlled space hurt Women, who will be placed at greater risk of sexual assault. This has occurred in Canada, as the case of Christopher Hambrook has demonstrated, Scotland (Paris Green) and the United States. Housing Men with Women in prison is also a human rights violation.

The failure of Men like Kirkup to express the least bit of concern for incarcerated Women is not surprising, given his politics. Kirkup is also, of course, a fan of Men’s right to pay Women “for sex.”