Germaine Greer @TheFemaleGreer @cambridgeunion and @emmt_rex (UK)

emThe incomparable Germaine Greer spoke at the Cambridge Union Society despite a vicious campaign to silence her, led by, among others, Em Travis, a young women who identifies as a “genderfluid femmeboy.”

The censorship activists claimed that Greer’s speech somehow made them “unsafe,” although it is never explained how unsafety is created by Women having political opinions.

Germaine Greer_ transgender women don’t know what it’s like to ‘have a big hairy smelly vagina’ _ Varsity Online Germaine Greer Cambridge Union talk sparks controversy _ Cambridge News

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  2. Germaine makes me feel stronger and safer too. Thank you Germain for not being afraid to speak for women, and women alone.

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