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Laua Kacere is a 28-year-old “feminist, part-time vegan, atheist, anti-capitalist, whiskey-enthusiast, music-loving lady of the capital city” who has written an op-ed for the anti-lesbian publication Everyday Feminism called Homonormativity 101: What It Is and How It’s Hurting Our Movement. The op-ed raises the same criticisms many of us in GLBT communities have been leveling for decades now about the mainstreaming of Gay and Lesbian Liberation, as best exemplified in the fight for marriage equality. Kacere, however, concludes without evidence that advancing transgenderism – a political ideology that posits that “being a Woman” is simply a matter of “identifying as a Woman” – is something GLBT communities should embrace to combat something she and other erstwhile lefties call “homonormativity.”

Transgenderism is actually a neoliberal (i.e., conservative) political philosophy that does nothing to advance liberation for Women, particularly Lesbians. In support of her “argument,” Kacere trots out the Transgender Line about the Human Rights Campaign’s 2007 “betrayal” of the “Transgender Community” in not pushing for an “inclusive” law to ban workplace discrimination (based on both sexual orientation and gender identity). Kacere seems unaware of the fact that Transgender people can currently assert protection under federal employment discrimination law, while gay people cannot. This is due in large part of litigation and advocacy by GLBT organizations. She also seems ignorant of the fact that the Human Rights Campaign has bent over backwards to accommodate “Transgender” people, including most notably by supporting a boycott of a Women’s music festival that predominately is run by and provides service and space to Lesbians. Kacere cites favorably Lisa Duggan, a professor at the University of Pennsylvania who writes about wanting to critique GLBT movements (which is good) but who sadly demonstrates an utter lack of awareness that Transgenderism IS a mainstream GLBT movement goal (and one that harms Women and Girls).

We are very curious why Kacere views herself as a person who Gay and Lesbian people should listen to, as she does not seem to be Gay or Lesbian. Of course, it is possible that she is.