Rupert Read ‏@GreenRupertRead (UK)


Rupert Read is a UK politician who “repudiates” this blog – run by lesbians, gay men, and trans women – for supporting his right to question the anti-feminist concept of “cisgender.”

Read also apparently does not support anti-discrimination protections for transgender people, as Gender Identity Watch supports such measures. We can also only assume that Read supports prison rape and sexual assault, as we have consistently highlighted and condemned these abuses of incarcerated trans people.

We assume Read is banking his political career on catering to male supremacists, as he has probably realized that Women don’t have spare cash to fund his political ambitions.


3 thoughts on “Rupert Read ‏@GreenRupertRead (UK)

  1. I thought this guy blamed Twitter in his mea culpa and pledged to stay away from politics there, after he got called out for “transphobia.”

    • Yeah, he said: “I am listening to what those who have been upset by or who disagree with my views on this are saying, and I hope to learn from the whole affair. The first lesson I am learning is: I’m not going to even try talking about these things on Twitter anymore.”

      So much for that lesson! But, he hopes to “learn” something from all of this — meaning, he is ready to submit to the trans department of re-education. They’ll get him all fixed up. What a coward.

  2. What an utter chancer! In good company with the pro-prostitution Green Party.

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