Marjorie Silva & Azucar Bakery (USA)

Marjorie Silva

Marjorie Silva of Colorado’s Azucar Bakery is being investigated for discrimination based on religious belief after she refused to make a cake with an anti-gay message. We are not at all surprised to see this kind of action, given that gay activists have prioritized suing bakers and florists who refused to make cakes or provide flowers for same-sex couples’ marriages. We hope Silva wins, because we believe that the government should not have the power to force businesses to participate in speech that goes against their political or religious beliefs.

You can donate to Marjorie’s legal defense fund here. Please donate.

Denver baker Marjorie Silva refuses anti-gay bible cake order

Baker faces complaint for refusing anti-gay message on cake – WTOP

One thought on “Marjorie Silva & Azucar Bakery (USA)

  1. This is really weird and twisted. Conservative folks don’t like it because a baker refused to write “God Hates Gays” on a cake that is shaped like a Bible. I don’t see how this discriminated against anyone’s religious beliefs. The baker isn’t telling him what to think or believe. The man could have put “God hates gays” on the cake himself. Personally, I don’t think the Holy Bible or replica of the Bible should be desecrated in this manner, but if the man wants to do this to his own cake on his own time, let him.

    A US woman is facing a discrimination suit after refusing to write homophobic words on a Bible shaped
    cake she made for a customer.

    Marjorie Silva, the owner of Denver’s Azucar Bakery, is facing a complaint from a customer alleging she
    discriminated against his religious beliefs.

    Ms Silva says that she was asked last year to make a bible shaped cake for a male customer. After the
    order was complete he asked her to write “God hates gays” on the cake with two men holding hands and
    a cross on top of them.

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