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Rupert Read is a Green Party candidate in the UK who is being threatened by transgender “activists” for questioning the word “cisgender.” Among the usual suspects harassing him is Amelia Horgan, a Men’s Rights Activist who regularly attacks Women on social media for rejecting anti-feminist concepts like “cisgender.”

We need more people like him willing to reject the anti-feminism of MRAs like Horgan and Sarah Brown, another man who regularly attacks people for rejecting his conservative politics.

UPDATE: Read caved. Also, we learned the Green Party supports paid rape of Women, so do not support the Greens.

Twitter spat as Green Party Candidate accused of transphobia _ News _ The Cambridge Student

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  1. The term “cis” is problematic for women on several levels. First, “cis” is not a word that women chose for themselves. Second, it implies that women willingly adapt “femininity” instead of society forcing it on us.

    “Cis” is a term that pretends to define an oppressor class, but instead works by lumping both the oppressors and many of the oppressed into a single, unified whole. What this means, in practice, is that women—who are also an oppressed gender minority—are being treated like they are not only the oppressor class, but in fact the part of the oppressor class that needs to sacrifice the most, risk the most, and argue the least..”

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