Dr. Richard L. Levine/Dr. Rachel Leland Levine @PennStHershey & Governror Tom Wolf @WolfForPA (USA)


Democratic Governor-Elect Tom Wolf appointed a transgender woman, Dr. Rachel Levine, as his physician general. The appointment of Dr. Levine, who has spent most of their life as Richard, will be hailed as a victory for diversity even though Dr. Levine is a Heterosexually Married White Male. You can watch a video of Dr. Levine here. According to news accounts, Dr. Levine is the first “Transwoman” to serve as a Physician General, but is the 8 millionth White Male to hold such a position.

We also found a passing bad check charge for a Richard Levine of Hershey, Pennsylvania, where Dr. Levine has apparently lived, but we cannot confirm this is the same person.

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Transgender Woman Dr

This is Dr. Levine’s biography from the governor’s press release, which ignores that Dr. Levine did all these things as a Male.