C.B. Embry Jr. and Senate Bill 76 (USA)


C.B. Embry is a conservative Republican legislator in Kentucky who has introduced Senate Bill 76, which would protect girls’ privacy and not force girls to use private facilities with boys who “identify as girls.” A Kentucky high school made news last year when it allowed a boy to use the girls’ facilities because he said he identified as a girl. It is unfortunate that so-called liberals have abandoned the reasonable privacy concerns of girls. The fact that a conservative Republican does something that radical feminists might agree with is addressed here.

Bill targets transgender bathrooms – Bowling Green Daily News_ News Keeping Teen Boys From Girls Bathrooms _ The Daily Caller

One thought on “C.B. Embry Jr. and Senate Bill 76 (USA)

  1. There are some left leaning men such as Robert Jensen and Derrick Jensen (I don’t think they are related) who take a radical feminist position on gender, and understand the need for safe women’s space. Anti-war, environmentalist Robert Jensen’s political views are as far from conservative as night and day. He was one of the first people to speak out against Bush’s illegal and immoral war in Iraq. His left leaning credentials go way back. When Jensen wrote this article, http://dissidentvoice.org/2014/06/some-basic-propositions-about-sex-gender-and-patriarchy/, transgender activists told bookstores to stop selling his books. Liberals have either bought into what they have been told, or they are too afraid to speak out.

    Derrick Jensen knows all to well the bullying tactics employed to silence any critical analysis of gender. He has written numerous books on the environment, and they photoshoped strange pictures of him fornicating salmon. Men associated with “TERFs” have been attacked even though they never said one word about transgender. It’s just a form of McCarthyism, and the left is either naively hoodwinked, or they are too afraid to speak.


    What makes people think that the left cares about women? For the most part, they are completely pro-prostitution and pro-porn.

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