David Elizondo @davidjelizondo @HRC (USA)


David Elizondo is a Men’s Rights Activist who is enamored with transgenderism. A former intern with the Human Rights Campaign, he takes to social media to harass Women for daring to express political opinions with which he disagrees. In his view – which is reflected by thousands of Men – Women should never speak about “trans issues” because Women do not understand gender. What caused Elizondo to lash out most recently is the idea that harassing the parents of a dead teenager is abusive.

In 2015, young Men like Elizondo prioritize harassing Women on social media for daring to express an opinion that is not sanctioned by Transgender rights groups. There are thousands of Men just like him who have had their misogyny unleashed by the anti-feminism of the Transgender Movement. In an amusing bit of gossip, Elizondo is roommates with Charles Clymer, the Male Feminist who now identifies as Transgender.