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“At its core, the show offers an extremely narrow perspective on what it means to be a woman,” group representative Erin Murphy.

“At its core, the show offers an extremely narrow perspective on what it means to be a woman,” group representative Erin Murphy.

A theater group at Mount Holyoke, formerly an all-women’s college in Massachusetts, cancelled its annual production of feminist classic The Vagina Monologues because the play excludes Women with penises.

In 2015, Women cannot produce plays that do not support the new “reality” that Women can have penises. This new regressive “feminism” disregards the material reality of Women – that we are born female and subjugated on the basis of sex – in a political analysis for Women’s liberation with the notion that “being a Woman” is a matter of identifying with a Man’s conception of sex stereotypes about “Women.” Under this new male supremacist “feminism,” Women are supposed to believe that “being a Woman” is a matter of saying “I am a Woman” – even if said Women are, in fact, male.

This is endlessly stupid.

H/T to Campus Reform for reporting this. It’s sad that conservative media does a better job of reporting the destruction of women’s rights through transgenderism than so-called “liberal” media.


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  1. So I suppose women are no longer allowed to talk about breastfeeding or menstruation or ovarian cancer or or or…. This is ridiculous. How are people not looking at things like this and realizing that it is just ludicrous? Why is it okay to erase women? Are vaginas really that terrifying?

  2. So, it’s gotten to the point to where women aren’t allowed to talk about their vaginas because it’s “transphobic”.

  3. Apparently, women have to get official permission from transgender activists to talk about their female reproductive system, or to talk about their experience as female.

  4. These young women aren’t aware that they are just insignificant pawns in the transgender/men’s rights movement.

  5. “Located in South Hadley, Massachusetts, Mount Holyoke College is a highly selective, nondenominational, residential, research liberal arts college for women.”

    Mount Holyoke is not a women’s college. It’s an example of a women’s college that has sold out women.

    The women’s studies department is now the “Gender Studies” department. At most mainstream colleges and universities, women studies is usually called “women and gender studies”, but not at Mount Holyoke.

    “At Mount Holyoke, gender studies grew out of women’s studies, with its commitment to uncovering the realities of women’s lives, understanding the nature of women’s oppression, and charting paths to significant social change. Building on this foundation, gender studies encompasses investigations into the very nature of gender; its intersection with other forms of difference and power such as class, race, nation, and sexuality; and its intimate connection with myriad forms of knowledge and social practice, from scientific investigation to artistic creation and performance.”

    At Mount Holyoke, founded by a woman, there are major and minor degrees in “Gender Studies” and five college certificates in Queer and Sexuality Studies. Everything at Mount Holyoke is gender and queer studies.

    I’m a gender abolitionist, and there is nothing in gender for women to celebrate.

    “The End of Gender: Revolution Not Reform”

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