“Innate” Gender identity & @HRC (USA)


ICYMI, the Human Rights Campaign – the largest GLBT Group in the United State – believes that gender identity is innate. This shift in thinking is consistent with an ideological shift observed over the last several years.  It used to be transgender people understood that sex was biological and gender was performative. Now, sex is irrelevant and gender is innate, and certainly a characteristic that trumps sex.

The idea that gender identity is innate is diametrically opposed to the idea that gender is an external social construct that is used to subordinate those of us born Female. Innate gender identity naturalizes sex stereotypes and Men and Women by saying there is a biological basis for gender identities. This is junk science.

Gender Identity_ Nature vs Gender identity is innate, not a choice_

Letters to the editor for Wednesday, July 31, 2013

The existence of innate gender identity falsifies naive ideas about gender as a complete social construct. Too bad

One thought on ““Innate” Gender identity & @HRC (USA)

  1. It’s not overstating the case to say that transgenderism is a diaster for girls and women. “Innate gender identity” which “may or may not correspond to the sex assigned to them at birth” implies that ALL people have an innate gender identity. Therefore, when a woman resists her sex-role, and fights against it because it’s oppressive, she’s … what? Not a woman? It’s absurd. It’s pure nonsense. It’s terrifying.

    Janet Mock, who claims an “innate” female identity, wrote that this innate identity was validated for him when, as a child, a man sexually abused and raped him. The rapist, you see, saw the “girl” in this young boy. Mock’s innate femaleness was also validated through prostitution: the men who purchased Mock for sex also saw the “woman” in him.

    That’s gender for you. That’s “human rights” for you. Ultimately, men’s right to decide what women are, and what women are for.

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