Kohn #393687 v. Myron et al (USA)


Floyd Kohn is a gay man incarcerated for nonviolent crimes. Kohn is suing the Michigan prison system and several officials, claiming that they harassed him by trying to falsely have him diagnosed with Gender Dysphoria. Kohn alleges that one staff member attempted to have him seen by a psychiatrist because she thought he had “Gender Identity Disorder.” He told prison staff that he knows that he is a man. Kohn further alleges that the prison staff forced him to wear a bra as a form of harassment, and threatened to deny him access to a shower if he refused to wear it. Most disturbingly, he claims that he was raped by another inmate at the behest of prison staff. A federal court in Michigan recently allowed his lawsuit to proceed.

Kohn #393687 v. Myron et al.

Kohn #393687 v. Myron et al Opinion.

One thought on “Kohn #393687 v. Myron et al (USA)

  1. I wonder if we’ll eventually be hearing about more cases like this one?

    If a false diagnosis of “gender dysphoria” can be forced on young children, even on toddlers (which is really a type of “conversion therapy”), why not on vulnerable, incarcerated gays and lesbians? They are sitting ducks for this madness — probably especially if they are homosexuals of colour without access to resources and good representation.

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