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  1. “The Transgender Human Rights Institute has decided to retain Allison Woolbert, a convicted child sex predator, as their executive director.”

    They are supposed to really, really care about children! By the way trans* activists went after the parents of the poor, emotionally distraught teenage boy who committed suicide, Josh Alcorn, one would think the parents are the most horrid people on earth. The mother of Josh Alcorn is way, way, way more evil than a man convicted of sexually assaulting a child.

    Josh Alcorn’s mother is a “piece of crap” who “killed her daughter”. The mother took away the 17 year old boy’s internet privileges. There is no indication that they ever abused their son. The parents might have been conservative people who had trouble accepting a son who was different, but did they really kill their son? This is an emotionally fragile kid who was isolated by his own admission, and spent most of his time using the online persona of “Satan’s Wifey” and “transgender queen from hell”. This was one messed up kid, and all the zillion and one trans* blogs and sites he went to didn’t notice his cries for help. This 17 year old boy had more problems than his “gender identity”.

    What they said about Josh Alcorn’s parents:

    How they react to child rapists:

    “Allison Woolbert continues to have our confidence, admiration, and respect….”

    If the child who was psychologically scarred from being sexually assaulted by Woolbert committed suicide, transgender activists wouldn’t think twice about this kid.

    At any rate, I hope healing can come to Josh Alcorn’s family.

  2. This gets really confusing. So, after it was revealed that he sexually assaulted a minor, he resigned. Then, he decides he is not going to resign. Finally, he resigns. It’s not like he denies it, but he can’t decide if he wants to resign or not, and the transgender organization he works with can’t decide either. Since transgender activists really, really care about children, why didn’t they do a background check, or say he’s gone for good after they first knew about it? After all, transgender activist care more about children more than actual parents. Read the comments directed towards the grieving mother of Josh Alcorn. They should know. I guess they are all too busy calling Josh Alcorn’s mother a horrid parent and murderer to notice the presence of a man who sexually assaulted a kid. Or, they are just too busy pushing for the “right” of convicted rapists and molesters of children to receive “gender identity” treatment in prison. There are numerous cases of transgender organizations claiming that men who are convicted of raping women or children, or killing a child have a “right” to female hormones and “gender identity” treatment while they sit in prison. Transgender organizations support these men. Synthia China Blast (Luis Morales) is just one example. Who cares about the life of a 13 year old black girl? Her dead body was stuffed in a box and set afire. We are supposed to believe that transwoman Laverne Cox had no idea what Synthia China Blast was convicted of doing before he made a video in support of organizations that help transgender inmates. Do people see a pattern here? They have no idea what these men do until someone does a little research, and then they act all shocked, back peddle as fast as they can, and go into full blown damage control. If he “identifies as a woman”, never, never “misgender” (use the wrong pronoun) when addressing a man who is convicted of raping or killing a child. They certainly don’t care about the teenage girl that Paul, “Paula” Witherspoon molested. I could go on and on, but there are too many examples to list here. Do they care about the teenage girls who had to see Colleen Francis expose “her male genitalia” in the women’s locker room. Do they care about any teenage girl who feels embarrassed having to share a restroom with a fully intact biological male? Unless the “girl” really is a biological male with a penis, they don’t exist.

    Currently, there is some kind of online petition to “ban transgender conversion therapy”. They are short on specifics as to what it would entail, but woe to anyone who says they don’t care about children. These ghouls are using the sad tragedy of a 17 year old boy who committed suicide to make them appear as if they are as pure as Mother Theresa when it comes to the welfare of kids, and then some. They care about kids more than anyone. Forget the fact that these ghouls advocate for the sterilization of children through GnRH agonists (puberty suppression) and/or cross gender hormones. The younger these kids can start on a life time of drugs, the more money for Big Pharma. Research shows that many children outgrow gender dysphoria as they age and mature, and there many examples of children reverting back to the sex they were born into.



    While most rational people can see the inherent risk of slapping a label of “gender dysphoria” on 5 of 6 year old children and drugging them with GnRH agonists and/or cross gender hormones when they start puberty, potentially sterilizing them in the process, transgender activists actually embrace it, and everyone who disagrees is an ignorant “transphobe”.

    They don’t give a rat’s patootie about kids, and it’s disgraceful and disgusting how they shamelessly use the death of a troubled teenager to further their political agenda.

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