Amelia Gapin @EntirelyAmelia @Tumblr (USA)


Amelia Gapin is a Man who identifies as a Woman who has worked at Tumblr since September 2014. Gapin violated the confidentiality of Tumblr users by speaking publicly about the deletion of the Tumblr account of Joshua Alcorn, a teenager with gender identity issues that were apparently exacerbated by his family’s unwillingness to allow him to explore his sexual orientation.

Tumblr should be very concerned that its employees are publicly and flagrantly violating the confidentiality of its users. Gapin’s public statements appear to violate Tumblr’s Privacy Policy. Users of social media should take note that their privacy will be violated by social media employees if they use social media to express views with which staff like Gapin disagree. You can read the tweets where Gapin violates user confidentiality here.


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