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Bxqa6vIIMAApUGJJoshua “Leelah” Alcorn was a 17-year-old boy who committed suicide by walking in front of a truck. Alcorn’s tumblr blog subsequently automatically blogged a suicide note that has since been republished thousands of times, including by Janet Mock, despite medical and journalistic ethics that suggest that publishing suicide notes encourages more suicides. The note asserted that the suicide occurred because Alcorn’s parents did not support their gender identity. Transgender activists also wasted no time establishing a Wikipedia page for a person whose only “accomplishment” is that they violently killed themselves.

In response to the reported suicide, hundreds of abusive people sent abusive messages to Alcorn’s parents through social media, blaming them for the suicide.


In 2014, social justice means sending abusive messages to the parents of a dead child in their worst possible moment.

This is probably the most disgusting display from the Transgender community I have seen in 20 years of paying attention to this community.

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  1. ‘Transgender activists also wasted no time establishing a Wikipedia page for a person whose only “accomplishment” is that they violently killed themselves.’

    Not all people remembered in history were successful in the conventional sense. This is a very classist statement and it demeans the social problem of suicide itself. I remember in health class in school, we watched a documentary about a young gay man who committed suicide. There is nothing wrong with humanizing suicide stories for a social cause, though the transgenderist movement has of course appropriated tools of legitimate social movements that don’t seek rights at the expense of an oppressed class of people. I feel this kind of statement as quoted is disrespectful to the memory of the deceased, even if he was a young man who felt entitled to sex stereotypes of women. It’s inconsistent with your sympathy for his parents. I’m not interested in reformism, but you have dedicated your life to it, so at least stay consistent with what you are wasting your life on.

    • It’s not a classist statement, and establishing an online shrine to a child for a suicide attempt sure is a great way to get other kids to kill themselves. thedailybeast.com/articles/2014/05/01/teen-copycat-suicides-are-a-real-phenomenon.html

      I am fairly certain you mischaracterize what I “dedicate (my) life to,” and given what I know about you, I am not surprised.

      • Look, I am not trying to minimize your work and do think it is important that a lawyer is interested in documenting how the movement to enshrine gender identity rights into law hurts women but I also agree with feminists like factcheckme and witchwind that trying to reform male systems won’t work. We see this with hard fought rights won by second wavers being eroded and female rights activism largely ignored by the media compared to other forms. I do think certain women are better at it than others, especially when they have knowledge like legal knowledge on their side. My problem with how you talk about his suicide is that you are basically saying that suicide is an act of weakness, which is damaging to people who have committed or have attempted to commit suicide. I do think his particular suicide was for the wrong reasons, particularly how he did it to spite his parents and involved a driver who will likely be traumatized. I have heard about the theory that talking about suicide creates copycats and I am going to look into it skeptically, since I know a good skeptic blog that covers mental health. I’m sorry to sound snarky, rude and/or combative but please lets not imply suicide is always an act of weakness. If I am reading into your words wrong then sorry. I do see your point that he did not do any activism at all yet fully intended for his death to have political implications. I didn’t take that into consideration when I wrote my first comment. Now that quote makes more sense.

  2. Reblogged this on There Are So Many Things Wrong With This and commented:
    This boy’s death is a tragedy, his last words were about not believing he could lead a happy life under any gendered circumstances. He was seventeen. I don’t think his parents hated him, I think we are all victims of a cultural hierarchy.

    Why pretend you care about this boy you did not know if you’re not willing to address what killed him and also so many other humans. Failure to conform. It grinds us all down. Some of us have thicker skins than others. Some of us walk in front of trucks, but that is not our parents’ fault. It’s the toxic culture that is to blame.

    He was just a boymwho wanted to play around with different roles, and the culture stomped him. Not the truck. Not his parents.

    All of us, as long as we allow this brutality to go on. It is all blood on our hands.

    Good new year to everyone.

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  4. The real agenda behind highlighting this unfortunate child’s suicide is a desire on the part of psychiatrists and gender transition surgeons for new patients – aka more money. “If yo don’t let your child transition the moment they begin questioning, THEY WILL COMMIT SUICIDE; THIS COULD BE YOU! DON’T YOU LOVE YOUR CHILD?!?!” This is blatant, coercive manipulation meant to strike fear into the hearts of the parents of every child who doesn’t perform gender perfectly according to society’s rules.
    In short, if your child fails at their birth sex, ship them off to the surgeons (moolah moolah moolah) – else, suicide.

  5. “In 2014, social justice means sending abusive messages to the parents of a dead child in their worst possible moment.”

    I know, I know. Just can’t believe what I’m reading — it’s all unconscionable. The abusive and threatening messages to the parents might be in the thousands by now, and most that I’ve seen are directed at the mother, in (of course) woman-hating terms.

    It’s as though a mass personality and/or thinking disorder has taken hold of a sizeable portion of a generation. Yes, I know that the queer/trans post-modern thing has been underway for decades, but what is happening to so many teens and young adults right now seems to be something quite distinct. What, I’m not quite sure.

    Perhaps that their minds are being ruined, preemptively, before they even have a chance to build up some rational structures and defences, or just a small store of common sense — and also before they have had a chance to outgrow their adolescent narcissism. It looks like they are stuck at an especially critical stage of development, and they are, of course, intellectually hungry, but they’re being fed loads and loads of shit. Individual families (even right-wing Christian ones) just can’t be wholly to blame for something so big, so widespread, so distinctly cultish.

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