Darnell Nash aka Slayana Berts aka Santina Gibbs (USA)


Darnell Nash pleaded with a federal judge for leniency, saying that the pressures and stresses of being transgender played a role in a scheme that bilked the U.S. government out of $360,000 in unemployment benefits. U.S. District Judge Donald Nugent sentenced him to more than 14 years in prison, though, saying that he didn’t deserve any leniency. In his sentencing memorandum asking for leniency, his lawyer writes that Nash “is a transgender individual that was born a male, but has always felt as though he should be a woman. He has struggled with gender identity issues his  entire life and the resulting conflict and strife has molded the person he is today and directly influenced his criminal conduct. He has been diagnosed with Gender Dysphoria, Depression, and Acute Stress Disorder. He has also repeatedly engaged in self-mutilation, whereby he used to cut her penis with a knife, and she has repeatedly experienced thoughts of suicide.” (Ed. Note: His lawyer uses she pronouns). We have seen other cases internationally where a criminal defendant sought leniency because of transgenderism.

In support of leniency, Nash submitted a packet of articles, including Injustice at Every Turn.

Nash Statement

Nash Sentencing Memorandum

United States of America v. Nash et al Docket