Charlie Baker @CharlieBakerMA (USA)


Massachusetts Governor-elect Charlie Baker does not support expanding the state’s anti-discrimination laws to add protection for transgender people in public accommodations.

“No one’s been able to explain to me how the public accommodation piece would actually work in practice,” Baker said. “Schools, hospitals, other organizations have all expressed what I believe to be legitimate concerns about that law.”

Good question, Charlie! That’s because GLBT Groups don’t have an answer except to demand that Women and Girls – who don’t want to share sex-segregated space with a Transwoman and “her” penis – should stop complaining. GLBT Groups have perfected the art of intimidating Women and Girls who object to this scenario as bigots, as in GLBT Land, “bigotry” means not accepting that a person with a penis is female.

Charlie Baker opposes expansion of transgender anti-discrimination rules, supports current law _ masslive


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