Michelle Duggar @duggarfam & Fayetteville, Arkansas (USA)

Michelle Duggar is a practitioner in the Quiverfull Movement, which requires her to have as many children as possible for Christ. Recently, she recorded a robocall in support of a referendum to repeal a Fayetteville, Arkansas ordinance that would ban discrimination based on gender identity. The transcript of the robocall follows:


Despite the hue and cry of GLBT Men’s Rights Activists, and also despite the fact that we strongly reject Duggar’s religious views, nothing she says about the now-defeated ordinance was false.

We encourage gay and lesbian people to stop hitching our efforts for anti-discrimination protections to overbroad gender identity bills that do not take Women and Girls into account.

Michelle Duggar robocall tries to rally opposition to Fayetteville’s anti-discrimination proposal _ Fayetteville Flyer

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