Norsworthy v. Beard @TransLawCenter (USA)

Jeff Norsworthy, a violent man seeking a taxpayer-funded sex change, won a partial victory in federal court. Norsworthy has been incarcerated since on or around April 15, 1987 for second degree murder of a 25-year-old man. Norsworthy has alleged that certain prison officials involved in the denial of his request for sex reassignment surgery were uniformly aware of his “serious medical need for sex reassignment surgery” and were deliberately indifferent to this need. With respect to his name change claims, Norsworthy has alleged that he pursued his request to change his name to Michelle through the final level of administrative review and that prison officials denied the request based upon a policy that inmates in CDCR facilities for men should not be allowed to legally adopt a normatively feminine name until they meet the criteria for transfer to a women’s institution. The court concluded that “(d)rawing all reasonable inferences in favor of Norsworthy, the Court finds that (he) has pleaded sufficient facts to allow the Court to reasonably infer that official policies or customs played a part in the constitutional violations (he) alleges.”

Norsworthy v. Beard Order.

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