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CaptureAyesha Asghar is a consultant for  Safe World for Women. She has organized an event for the New Democratic Party of Canada featuring Sophia Banks, a Man who identifies as a Woman who has harassed Women on social media for more than two years, including supporting the pro-rape concept of the Cotton Ceiling, which posits that Lesbians are “bigots” for not wanting to engaging with Men like him.

In 2014, it is common for “feminists” like Asghar to support anti-gay, pro-rape “transwomen” as the expense of Women. The irony of the event at which Banks will speak is that it intends to focus on violence against Women.

Supporting “transwomen” who believe Lesbians owe them sex is supporting rape culture. Asghar’s unwillingness to listen and address the concerns of Women over this issue makes her an anti-feminist homophobe.

Banks has also apparently “confessed” on social media to inappropriate sexual relationships with younger subordinates at his work. Apparently, White Men who identify as Women do not face the scrutiny that White Men who know they are Men face.


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  1. Can someone give me advice on voting? I am Canadian and considering voting NDP, I would like to see the Conservatives out of office. Both libs and cons are a bad choice for a feminist voter for obvious reasons. That leaves me with the Community Party of Canada and NDP, both which use obfuscating terms like “sex work” and support rape trade legalization despite the fact that the Swedish Model was created by a social democratic gov and any ration Marxist should be against the rape trade. They also pro-rape in that they think gender identity should replace sex based protections, as you mention. I am considering voting for NDP because they have a chance of getting elected and plan to do some things that will help out impoverished people like extending public healthcare which will of course help women bc women are most effected by poverty. Should I just not vote? What should I do? I am not supportive of any male ideologies but if I had to choice on it would soc dem.

      • Great article, thanks. The situation with Conservatives is a bit different outside the US, in that Canada and North Ireland both have recently enacted Swedish Model-like laws and I will be pissed if the NDP does away with that. Luckily it is relatively difficult to change the federal law once its been instated, I think.

        It took a while to get to where we are now and the ultimate irony is that the challenge against the old prostitution laws which started the Bedford case was by privileged sex worker in the pro-pimp lobby which aimed to fully legalize it and it ended up being Swedish Model-like instead.

      • The big problem with Canada’s green party is that they have completely, obnoxiously opposed to the Swedish Model and it pisses me off so much.

  2. Not sure where else to put this.

    One of our people found this on Reddit:

    “Rape? Rape is validation, in its own weird twisted way. You’re pretty enough, you’re attractive enough that you bring out the demons in men. They become animals in the face of your overwhelming beauty. You are a sexual object to be taken and used. You’re wanted, and you’re wanted beyond rationality and reason. It’s intoxicating”



  3. @BlackMetal,

    I don’t know that much about Canadian politics.

    Instead of the misogynist Daryl Banks, they should let Christopher, “Jessica”, Hambrook’s victims speak.

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