Lopez v. River Oaks Imaging & Diagnostic Grp. (USA)

In September 2005, Izza Lopez, a 26-year-old transgender woman, accepted a job as a scheduler with River Oaks Imaging and Diagnostic in Houston. After resigning from her position with her then-current employer,
Lopez received a call from River Oaks rescinding the job offer because of her “misrepresentation” of herself as a woman. Lopez was unable to get her previous job back and was without employment for several months and filed suit. A federal court held that Lopez’s “transsexuality is not a bar to her sex stereotyping claim. Title VII is violated when an employer discriminates against any employee, transsexual or not, because he or she has failed to act or appear sufficiently masculine or feminine enough for an employer.”

Court Recognizes Viability of Lambda Legal___s Sex Discrimination Claim on Behalf of Transgender Woman; Case Proceeds to Trial _ Lambda Legal DC CM_ECF LIVE- US District Court-Texas Southern lopez_tx_20080403_memo-and-order-us-district-court-southern-district-tx-houston-division