Hijras and Exposure (India)


Hijras are often defined as eunuchs (castrated males) and acknowledged both in Hindu and Muslim cultures. Numerous references to eunuchs in the royal courts of India’s Muslim rulers are cited as the Hijras’ legacy. The fact that many don’t consider themselves true Hijras until they have undergone the “emasculation operation” links them to this tradition, as do elements of Islamic practice that they observe, such as burying rather than cremating their dead.

Their status in Hindu society is ambivalent: although they are revered for their special powers, they are also feared, in part because they may use extortion-like methods the exercise their right to perform and earn their fees. The typical threat is to cause a scandal at a public function by exposing their altered genitals.

In the West, White Transgender Activists often speak of the Hijras lovingly, as if their existence is some sort of proof of the innate goodness of transgenderism. Exposing yourself to people as a way to bully or intimidate them does not sound loving or good, particularly when done to Women and Girls. It mostly sounds threatening.

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