Donovan Gianfredi (USA)

Donovan Gianfredi, of East Haven, Connecticut, was fired from his job as a medical assistant in 2011. Gianfredi, who has transitioned from a woman to a man, said he wanted to take time off for his gender-reassignment surgery. He said his request was denied while fellow employees were granted time off for medical reasons. The Connecticut Commission on Human Rights and Opportunities denied Gianfredi’s claim of discrimination because investigator Kathleen Bowden Garassino found there was “no reasonable cause for believing that a discriminatory practice has been or is being committed as alleged.”

Gianfredi’s attorney, Patricia Confrancesco, appealed the decision in September. In her request for reconsideration, she stated that her client’s former employers violated the Family Medical Leave Act by not allowing him to take time off to move forward with his sex transition.

The case is pending.

Transgender Worker, Tenant Bring Discrimination Lawsuits _ Connecticut Law Tribune.