Transgender Day of Remembrance #tdor @gwenners (International)

The Transgender Day of Remembrance is an event created by Gwen Smith held each year on November 20. The event raises awareness of violence against transgender people. It misses, however, the opportunity to create solidarity with Women by failing to note that it is Men who commit violence against transgender people in overwhelming numbers.

We look forward to the day when transgender activists are willing to speak honestly about the perpetrators of violence against transgender people. We have been heartened in recent years by a growing recognition that it is primarily transgender Women of color, some of whom engage in prostitution with Men, who are killed by Men.

2 thoughts on “Transgender Day of Remembrance #tdor @gwenners (International)

  1. I have been asked to say a couple of words at my town’s TDoR event, and my area of discussion is violence. I wanted to use this opportunity to make a quick statement about the reality of male violence as it effects trans people, and trans women of color in particular. Do you know of any online resources I can turn to for statistics and information? I will only have a couple of minutes to talk so I need to be concise.

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