Abuzar Chaudhary, Toronto Trans Alliance @TorTransAlli & @TransHarmTrack (Canada)

8968_390263877816843_5875600611265471713_nAbuzar Chaudhary harassed women at Radfem RiseUp in Toronto, Ontario in 2013.  He has also been ordered to stay away from the University of Toronto for abusive behavior.  He thinks men’s public masturbation and anonymous sex in parks is a strategy for liberation.

He has now drawn the ire of Dennis Woolbert of the Transgender Violence Tracking because Chaudhary organized a protest of the Toronto Trans Alliance’s Transgender Day of Remembrance event for failing to properly include transwomen of color.

Woolbert – a white heterosexual Man – indicates he will retaliate against transgender people for protesting an event they feel does not properly reflect the community.



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