Rikers Island (USA)

Transgender women — who were born male but identify as female — will have the voluntary opportunity to move into a transgender housing unit at Rikers Island that is separate and safe from the rest of the Male prison population, as Transgender women are likely to be preyed upon by other Males.

“Because inmates are not all alike, the department is creating specialized housing for many specific inmate groups,” DOC Commissioner Joe Ponte said. “Just as adolescents, young adults, and mentally ill inmates have specialized needs, so do men who identify as women.”

Transgender inmates will also be provided with medical and mental-health care as needed. The voluntary unit will start out with 30 beds — enough to house the roughly 30 to 35 transgender women behind bars at any given time.

This is a significant improvement for incarcerated Transgender WomenPredictably, middle class White Transgender women object to this plan because apparently Rikers prison staff are unwilling to indulge the fantasy that these “Women” were born Female.

Rikers Island to offer separate housing for transgender inmates _ New York Post.

5 thoughts on “Rikers Island (USA)”

  1. What is up with all those negative comments? This sounds like a HUGE step forward for trans people. Way better than solitary confinement and it avoids placing biological females at risk. Seems like a win win situation. Isn’t “safe space away from males” the entire point? Also, I think I would feel a lot more sisterhood and comradery among other trans women in prison because of shared experiences as opposed to being housed with biological women who most likely would not view me the way I view myself.

  2. The people making those comments are unlikely to find themselves on Rikers Island. Those trans activists are well to do white males who seek validation, even at the risk of other trans. I think I recall a campaign to get CeCe McDonald placed in a women’s prison, a campaign he shot down as he preferred to remain in a men’s prison. This is a major step for those trans inmates and shows that the state is trying to find common ground. Unfortunately for this crew, nothing short of total capitulation in their occupation of womanhood will do.

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