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Ashley Diamond‘s Eighth Amendment lawsuit against Valdosta State Prison’s “Sexual Assault Response Team” leader,Dave McCracken and Warden Marty Allen will be allowed to proceed, according to a recent ruling by a federal court in Georgia.

Diamond, a transgender inmate, stated that he has endured sexual harassment, sexual assaults, and violent attacks at the prison since January 9, 2014 and made “many attempts” to get help from prison officials, including McCracken and Allen. Diamond also suggested that Warden Allen actually contributed to his problems, by “setting the tone for inmates and staff to ridicule” him, and that Allen made “rude and offensive statements” during inspections. Apparently, at some point, Diamond did seek, and was denied, protective custody. Diamond, as a result, remained in confinement with (and was “enslaved” by) gang members who retaliated against him for “snitching.” With allegedly no other options, Diamond sought protection from another inmate, who “claimed” him, held him captive in his cell for days at a time, and “sexually abused” him multiple times.

We hope Ashley Diamond wins.

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