Trans Critical Feminism is Hate Speech @TERFhate (USA)


Disappointed asshole unable to get Facebook to do what he wants...
Disappointed asshole unable to get Facebook to do what he wants…

Trans Critical Feminism is Hate Speech is a Men’s Rights page run by Transwomen who are obsessed with controlling Women’s speech. These Men regularly accuse Women of engaging in “hate speech” for having a political analysis with which they disagree. They rely on the construction of straw arguments about what feminists actually argue about transgenderism in order to ” make the case” that such arguments are hateful. They also use social media to organize spurious attacks on pages run by feminists, using Facebook and Twitter abuse reporting functions to report false terms of service violations.

Women are actually entitled to observe transgender activism and form conclusions about it. Transgenderism depends on the innateness of sex stereotypes – this is gender worship.

UPDATE: Harrison Savage, who ran the page, deleted it after he was connected to child rapist Allison Woolbert and accused rapist Wesley Bailey.

Harrison Savage
Harrison Savage

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  1. Actually, according to my research, the page’s admins are a woman as well as an MTT. If my sources are correct, the woman is the same one who is responsible for the “exposingterfs” tumblr blog and goes by the handle “Ema Teapot” (though I may be wrong). Just a heads up. It’s always extra depressing (though not surprising) that these MRA pages are often run by women.

      1. No, apparently she’s not behind that blog but she’s an accomplice. She lives in my city…total psycho…cyberstalked me for a bit until she moved on to another obsession…changed her name to avoid subpoena because of how many women are trying to get intervention orders and AVOs on her

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