Gavin Grimm and Gloucester, Virginia School Board (USA)


Gavin Grimm, a female who identifies as a male, attends high school in Virginia. Grimm is seeking use of the boys’ room the the high school Grimm attends.

Transgender student_ ‘I’m fighting for my right to use the correct restroom’ _ WAVY-TV.




DOJ_ Gloucester transgender student’s lawsuit has merit under Title IX – Daily Press


2 thoughts on “Gavin Grimm and Gloucester, Virginia School Board (USA)”

  1. This insanity would stop if people just stopped pandering to trans* activists. All people have to do is say no. If enough people said hell no, it would stop.

    If high school girls can use boy’s restrooms, then male students can use girl’s restrooms and locker rooms.

    Restrooms, locker rooms, and showers should be based on biological sex not “gender identity”.

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