Jay Kaplan, staff attorney for the LGBT Project of the ACLU of Michigan
Jay Kaplan, staff attorney for the LGBT Project of the ACLU of Michigan

Judge David Lawson, a federal judge sitting in Detroit, declared Michigan’s ban on domestic partner benefits unconstitutional in Bassett v. Snyder.  He said in his decision that the law is based on “irrational prejudice” and that it discriminated by forcing municipalities to cancel family benefits for gay and lesbian employees while heterosexual employees had the ability to marry their partners to maintain those benefits.

The ACLU – which brought the case – wasted no time using this decision to push for anti-discrimination protections in Michigan based on sexual orientation (which are needed) and gender identity (which harms women). Transgender activists are already angry because a Republican has introduced a bill to protect gay, but not transgender, people.

“I hope this decision marks a turning point in this state and that Lansing will get on the right side of history by passing legislation to finally end discrimination against LGBT persons and their families,” Jay Kaplan said.

Kaplan fails to recognize that “gay” transgender people can already marry their partners, as “gay” transgender people are, in fact, heterosexual. Meghan Stabler, formerly called Mark, did just this in 2011 when she married “her” wife in Texas by stating “she” was male (which “she” is).

Other “gay” transgender people, notably Parker Molloy, show disdain for the fight for marriage equality, as “she” too can marry “her” girlfriend now and need not worry about protecting “her” loved ones and children by something as silly as recognition from the federal and state government and all that entails.

Parker is a liar, too, as transgender people are more protected from workplace discrimination than gay people.

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