Chelsea Poe and Chelsea Poe’s Law @ChelseaPoe666 @beasterwabbit (USA)


Chelsea Poe is a Man who identifies as a Woman. He also works in pornography. In 2014, he became famous for claiming that Women who refuse to make pornographic work with him (i.e., Women who won’t fuck him) are transphobic. Thus, Chelsea Poe’s Law was born, which posits that  a Transwoman who tells a Lesbian she’s a bigot for rejecting “her” dick is indistinguishable from any other Man doing the same thing (H/T Betty Tourettes)



Poe’s Law, of course, is an Internet axiom that states that it is difficult to distinguish extremism from satire of extremism in online discussions unless the author clearly indicates their intent. This notion is frequently observed with highly divisive discussion topics like religious fundamentalism.

When observed in discussions of transgenderism, it is traditional to call it Lady Poe’s Law so as not to misgender anyone.

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