This summer, Transgender Activists were outraged that Kylie Jack, a Man who identifies as a Woman, was told by a Woman that she would not help him try on a bra because he is a Man. GLBT Activists want us to pretend this is a human rights violation against Jack, and that Women exist to help Men try on bras.

The flip side of this story is Gavin Scott.

Gavin Scott attacked one of his victims after asking her to help him try on a number of dresses in her shop. Scott, 52, from Perth, Scotland, dressed as a Woman and visited to repeatedly ask Female staff for advice about the kind of female boots he should buy himself. According to law  enforcement, “(Scott) selected two dresses to try on and made his way to the changing rooms. He requested she assist him with the zip on the two dresses, which she did. She noticed he placed his hands behind his back when he tried on the dresses, which caused her to feel uncomfortable and step away. He attempted to engage her in conversation but she walked away from him at this time. She went away and tidied the window display for the shop closing when she realised that he was making his way towards the shop exit. The accused thereafter pinched her on the bottom prior to exiting the store.”

Women who work in clothing stores or other places where they are expected to provide service to women in intimate settings do not exist for fetishistic Men to demand “service” like this. We are unaware of any legislative body that has adequately addressed the concerns of Female employees whose working conditions require them to provide intimate service Male members of the public who identify as Women. 

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