Parker Molloy is a homophobic Man who identifies as a Woman. Despite calling himself a journalist, he puts forth Trans propaganda on a regular basis, including the fiction that Lesbians “invented” the Cotton Ceiling, a rape culture concept coined by porn actor Drew Deveaux to discuss how Males are oppressed by Lesbians’ refusals to have sex with them.

Molloy also seems to think it is a human rights violation to be perceived as a Man by other people. Because he is in fact a Man, one’s exercise of reasonable powers of observation is not, in fact, a human rights violation. Indeed, Men and Women get “misgendered” every day. Most of us deal with it gracefully.

We understand from Queerty that Molloy no longer writes for The Advocate. Gay Media long ago gave up the pretense of being concerned about Lesbian issues; perhaps as more Transwomen Writers like Molloy display their virulent homophobia, these publications will realize the anti-gay implications of gender identity.