Seattle and @keisisqrl (USA)


is a Man who identifies as a Woman named Amy. Amy took to Twitter to discuss how Ladywells, a spa in Seattle, discriminates against him because he and his penis are not permitted in the spa, where Women gather in an expectation of privacy due to nudity. Washington State and Seattle both ban discrimination based on gender identity.

Amy on Twitter_ _(policy allows trans women but requires pre_non-op folks to wear a swimsuit)_.

Civil Rights Brochure.

Washington State Law.

4 thoughts on “Seattle and @keisisqrl (USA)

  1. Pre-op transwomen have no business in a women’s spa, locker room, or restroom. It’s violating the privacy rights of female customers.

  2. This is how insane it’s become. The smugness and sense of entitlement are frightening and deeply disturbing. The privacy rights of females means nothing to this man. He just can’t understand why women don’t want to see his penis.

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