Rivera v. Feroleto (USA)

Diamond Rivera, a transgender person who identifies as a woman, filed a lawsuit in Hartford, Connecticut Superior Court. According to Rivera’s complaint against Leonard Feroleto, who owns a multifamily rental property in Hartford, Rivera was told in a phone call that an apartment was available.

But when she arrived to see the apartment in person, and filled out an application, the landlord asked if she was a man or a woman, the lawsuit states.

“Defendant Feroleto then asked if Ms. Rivera is a transvestite,” according to the complaint. At one point, Rivera was told that Feroleto would not rent her the apartment.

We hope Rivera wins. People should not be denied rental housing based on sex stereotypes.

Transgender Worker, Tenant Bring Discrimination Lawsuits _ Connecticut Law Tribune.

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  1. Unless there is a legitimate reason such as a bad rental history, past evictions, etc., there is no excuse for not renting to someone just because the landlord doesn’t like they way they look. This is wrong….

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