Hughes v. William Beaumont Hosp. (USA)

Jamie Hughes is a Man who identifies as a Woman. He started transitioning at William Beaumont Hospital in Michigan and then developed immune thrombocytopenic purpura (“ITP”). ITP is an autoimmune disease, affecting the blood system, in which the immune system develops antibodies to as well as destroys its own platelets. Hughes took medical leave and, when his leave expired, was told that he would have to reapply for employment. Hughes applied for one position and did not obtain it. He also applied for another position and obtained it, but was later denied it for failing a drug test. Hughes then sued for a number of claims, including discrimination based on sex stereotypes. The hospital moved for summary judgment, which a federal court denied, allowing Hughes’ claim to proceed.

We support this decision, as no one should be denied employment for failure to conform to sex stereotypes.

Hughes v. William Beaumont Hosp.