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Jack Buehrer is the Managing Editor of the Village Voice. In June, his publication ran an “article” that contained a significant falsehood about Women who oppose gender identity legislation. The article featured a Man who identifies as a Woman named Vikki Valimir. This person claimed they had been harassed by Women associated with Gender Identity Watch. Despite being told this was not the case, Stuart ran this story. It turns out Vikki Valimir was formerly called Toren, a Man who has made horrifically violent and racist statements on social media against Women and immigrants.

We asked Buehrer to correct this article and he declined.

In 2014, mainstream publications like the Village Voice run articles in support of Men’s Rights Activists with a racist agenda.

Stuart’s “article” ends with a congratulatory note to MRAs getting the Gender Identity Watch Facebook page shut down, because mainstream liberals celebrate the censoring of feminist voices. Stuart seems unaware that Facebook employee Gabe Harrison, a Man who identifies as a Woman, has prioritized banning feminist speech on Facebook.